I have spent many years doing distance running, marathoning,and triathlons. I've always been on the large-breasted side, so all those years of pounding took their toll on many body parts. When I was forced to stop running because of knee injuries, I decided to have a mastopexy and get that "youthful" look back. 5 years later they're still perky and I'm still happy!!

- KH

As a reasonably fit forty-something mother of two, I was frustrated by the fact that I could exercise, eat right and live a healthy lifestyle but, because of my heavy, wrinkled eyelids, still look haggard and tired all the time. They say your eyes are the windows to your soul. I wanted my eyes to reflect the bright, lively person I am.

I had been thinking about surgery for quite some time. I did my research, talked with people who had been through the procedure, and met with Dr. Driscoll to discuss what type of results I could expect. All of this research proved to me that I should go ahead and do something good for myself.

The results have been nothing short of amazing! I look natural, alert and well rested. My Irish eyes are truly smiling.

- MG

As a mother of four, I often felt and regrettably looked very tired. With my two oldest children on active duty, worry and sleepless nights made my already baggy, puffy eyes look even worse. People were always asking me if I was tired or sick. This went on for several years before I finally decided to do something about it by having my lower eyes done by Dr. Driscoll.

My surgery was on a Monday. I was back to work on Friday. My coworkers could not believe how much better I looked after just a few days. About 6 weeks later, I went to my support group for military families. The guest speaker was a psychologist. She said she could always tell which women were the mothers and not the wives. She said a mother's eyes were a dead give away. When she learned that I had two sons on active duty, she could not believe it. She told me that with such beautiful eyes she would have never guessed I was a military mother. Thank you Dr. Driscoll!

- GB

I appreciate all the dedicated work Dr. Driscoll has done for me. He pursued solutions
to relieve my issues with Bells Palsy, even when I felt there was nothing more that
could be done. He is not only a gifted surgeon but through his quiet confidence he
put me at ease. He is well respected within the medical community and is mindful of
patient confidentiality. I can not recommend Dr. Driscoll highly enough.

- JJ

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